“Do yourself a favor and learn all you can; then remember what you learn and you will prosper.” 
Proverbs 19:8 (TEV)


6 day intensive music course for age 3.5 and up. 3 hours daily.
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International award-winning music and movement program
for young children age 1.5-6 years old
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Classical Piano

Based on the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music Exams Curriculum, we offer Grade 1 to 8 and Performance Diploma levels. We provide one on one instruction weekly. Students participate in monthly concerts and annual certificate exams. 

Classical Violin

Based on the Suzuki method of teaching and curriculum, we currently offer level book 1-4. Students participate in weekly private lessons, weekly group lessons, monthly concerts, and mandatory recital certificate exams.

Piano for Special Needs Children

Based on "The Wonderful Musician" book, the author Melyani Angsana hopes to make a difference in the lives of the special needs children: 
to give them hope to be able to learn and play in the Piano using a method that is filled with attractive stories and images.
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Gained Knowledge, Improved Technical Skills and Music Sensitivity 

Brindy's technical skills and sensitivity toward  music has developed and improved over time. The knowledge that she gained will definitely help her to pursue music in a long term. She is a budding musician. I am glad that she has found the right teacher to work with at IMS."
Mrs. Lisa, Brindy's Aunt

My Child Starts Incorporating Basic Musical Concepts into Her Daily Plays

“Little did we know that taking Kindermusik classes is one of the best decisions we made. I am glad to see that Immanuella starts incorporating all those basic msuical concepts into her daily plays. Thank you for bringing Kindermusik to Medan with so much passion and commitment to provide developmentally-appropriate music learning experiences for our young ones.”
Mrs. Patrisia, Immanuella's Mom

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Classical Voice

Based on the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music Curriculum. Private instruction. 30 min weekly.


Private instruction. 
30 min weekly.


Private instruction. 
30 min weekly


Group Class.
60 min. 3 x a week.

Fabulous School of Ballet

Directed by Ms. Fergie Halimun
Contact 0851-0134-7663

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