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"Each Child is Unique and is Able to Learn and Thrive in Music."

At Irama Music Studio, we welcome students from ALL ages, development, cultures, and musical backgrounds. It is never too EARLY or too LATE to learn music, really!
We believe that each student is unique and is able to learn and thrive in music. We believe that GOOD CHARACTER, not talent, will bring SUCCESS. Our goal is to cultivate a generation of students who LOVE to LEARN and will KEEP LEARNING for the rest of their lives.

Come and join our musical family for a life-long journey of musical learning!

Our Programs Are Cultivated to Discover and Improve
the Best Possibilities of Each Student


    Available: June 2018


  • By iramamusicstudio 03 Nov, 2017
    I am excited to write this blog to review our previous Home Concert on Sunday, October 22, 2017, at our auditorium. That Sunday was our third monthly concert for this term. Although the participants were much less than the previous months, the same energy and nervousness remained. They learned that, no matter how big or small the audience,  to control their nervous and mindfulness during the performance.  As in the previous concerts, I gave a short motivational speech, and on that Sunday, I stressed the importance of listening during the concert.
    By iramamusicstudio 02 Nov, 2017
    Time flies and we are now two months away from ending this year of 2017! And more exciting is that this is our first online blog. We will publish blog occasionally, at least once a week, to post about just anything, from success stories to tips of mastering pieces, and to philosophies of life. Today, we will shortly discuss about our first and foremost studio value:   love , and that understanding love as a positive action will guide you as the parent to help and motivate your child to practice at home.
    "My child becomes more confident, her learning ability is getting better, and is able to play music better."

    Mr. Abner, Anna Maria's Father

    "Celine was a shy child but now she becomes more open and  confident . Her social and communication skills have improved. She also becomes more diligent at school and at home. "

    Mrs. Fely, Celine's Mother

    "Philbert can now quickly understand the rhythm of the song, the emotions become more stable, and the imagination is more developed."

    Mr. Hardianto, Philbert's Father

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